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Technogel America and Mr. Green Tea Partner on TV show "The Profit"

   Technogel America had the privilege of being selected to partner with the growing corporation of Mr Green Tea Ice Cream Company in the 2014 season of the TV show, The Profit. With the challenges in todays market, Technogel America was able to assist in designing one of the most technologically advanced Ice Cream production plants in the US today. The Mr Green Tea staff along with our CEO, Craig French, was able to take a small scale producing company and turn it into a fully automatic processing facility to meet the high demand and customer base that Mr Green Tea has acquired from its high quality recipe and continued growth from the exposure of the show. Mr. Green Tea and Technogel America are already in negotiations for the next expansion project which will lift them even further in todays market. 

   You can follow the entire story of Mr Green Tea on the hit TV series "The Profit" by logging in to CNBC's website at www.cnbc.com and search, "MR. Green Tea" to see all episodes from planning to production. 


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