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Industrial | Explorer 1500
Explorer 1500

Studied for medium-sized companies, the freezer 1500 with its double freezing stage produces up to 396.26 gallons/hour of ice cream (100% overrun) in one flavor. The two cylinders are completely independent, each with its own refrigerating plant, control selector, and separate control device.


Dasher with stainless steel scraping blades
Self-contained cooling compressor
Touch screen for the setting and visualization of these functions:
Production speed
Barrel pressure
Ice cream temperature (except 400)
Hot gas function (for reduced production speed)
Memorization of recipes
CIP cycle
The Explorer's main characteristcs are:
Modern design refrigerating system in compliance with the latest environmental, energy-saving and safety standards
New design stirrer with three stainless steel blades operating over the whole surface of the cylinder to ensure ice cream of excellent texture
Safe and reliable twin-stage, piston-dosing pump
Automatic control of ice cream viscosity
Ice cream pressure control with pressure transducer and pneumatic adjustment valve
Ice cream mix capacity control by means of inverter on the pump motor
Overrun control by means of pressure transducer
Automatic CIP program

The new touch screen keyboard consists of keys showing the main functions and components of the machine to ensure simple, intuitive operation even for the less skilled operators. The PLC gives an exclusive self-dianosis service to identify the part involved in any faulty operation which may occur, and this is immediately displayed on the screen.

The machine then suggests a possible remedy to solve the problem and gives the code of any faulty part so that it can be immediately replaced.


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Explorer 1500

Explorer 1500

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