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Rotary 4000

Rotary Filling Machine - 4000

Hourly production up to 4000

Air intake at 6 bar l/min 700

Absorption Kw 1,2

Rotary fillers are reliable and efficient automatic machines designed to dispense and package ice cream into cones, tubs, truffles, tiramisu and a variety of single-portion packages.

Perfect automatism and synchronism are guaranteed for all the operations carried out.

Cone and cup dispenser
Calibration (cone only)
Waterproofing spray (cone only)
Ice cream dispensing with ripples, if required
Feeder for crunched nuts and cocoa powder
Positioning of lids

On request, the following can be supplied:

2nd dispenser for decoration
Heat sealing for lids

The machines are constructed entirely in stainless steel and galvanized aluminum. The main movement is generated by a 3-phase asynchronous motor which has a reduction unit, cam, and jogger to give the basic movements required for operation.

An electronic programmer, controlled by the PLC servers to synchronize all operations on the individual work stations.

The switchboard is made of stainless steel and is water-tight with 24-volt auxiliary circuit.

The machine is fitted with a touch screen control panel with a color monitor which can be used to program and change each individual parameter on the machine (production speed, piece counter, and a variety of adjustments). It also provides an exclusive self-diagnosis service. In the special version, the rotary fillers can be fitted with volumetrics dispensers for creams of all type: yogurt, milk, pudding, whipped cream, ice cream cake, etc).

On request special devices can be supplied for:

Cocoa powder (e.g. on tiramisu)
Heat sealing for closure
Positioning system for non-stackable lids

All the materials which come into contact with the product are approved for use in the food industry.

The machine is supplied with protection devices in compliance with USA and EU regulations.

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Rotary 4000

Rotary 4000

Rotary 4000

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