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Industrial | Linear 2
Linear 2

Number of rows - 2

Hourly production up to 6000

Absorption Kw 3

Technogel linear fillers are available in the cone/cup version with 2, 3, and 4 production rows for an hourly production rate ranging from 6000 to 12,000 pieces per hour. A one-row version is also available for large-size containers (large packs, cakes, etc.) with a production rate of up to 3000 pieces per hour.

In both versions, the linear fillers carry out all operations automatically from loading of the containers (if stackable) to sealing. Besides the traditional dispensing and decoration devices, stations can also be supplied for decorating with cocoa powder, vibrators for dispensing dry products, volumetric dispenser for decorative shapes with design, spray or pad stamps, and a whole range of other devices for desserts, slices of sweet tarts, cakes, and single portions.

All models are fitted with:
Primary mechanical parts power-assisted with pneumatic devices controlled by PLC
Centralized lubrication system
Station support columns in oil bath
Stainless steel frame
Intermittent movement with mechanical permanently-lubricated jogger in sealed case

All secondary movements are pneumatic while the primary movements are mechanical and guided by a main motor with reduction unit.

The intermittent movement is perfomed by means of a self-lubricating gear box.

The stainless steel trays have a rapid release system to ensure any change in format is carried out quickly and easily. They are positioned on a stainless steel chain system.

All the columns are chrome-plated and in an oil bath. A centralized lubrication system with a pump checks the oil level. The control panel has a color "touch screen" display which ensures simple communication with the machine's PLC. Different programs can be stored in the control panel memory for each type of product and the current production speed is displayed (strokes per minute) together with the number of pieces produced per hour, daily production rate, and the position of rotation through 360° for each individual station; every single automatism of the filler is therefore directly controlled.

The PLC also provides an exclusive, simple, and efficient system of self-diagnosis. All machine parts coming into contact with the product are approved for use in the food industry. The machine is supplied with protection devices in compliance with USA and EU regulations.

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Linear 2

Linear 2

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