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Industrial | Automatic - Technostick 5000
Automatic - Technostick 5000

Automatic Molded Stick Novelty Machine - Technostick 5000

Technostick is an automatic rotary installation for the production of ice cream and lollies on sticks. It is designed for use where space is limited but high production capacities are required.

Technostick is completely mechanical and the movements of each individual station are automatically synchronized. The installation is designed for continuous production and is in compliance with the strictest work safety standards. Only top quality materials or finishes are used in construction of the equipment.

Technostick can be connected to refrigerating plants operating with both FREON and AMMONIA. The wide range of molds together with product interchangeability ensure a high degree of versatility and flexibility.

Technostick will handle the types of products listed below:

Ice cream on sticks with or without chocolate coating
Ice cream on sticks with chocolate coating and nut bits
Ice cream on sticks with different fillings
Ice cream on sticks with lolly coating
Single and multiple flavor lollies
Sorbets on sticks
Mini ice cream chocolates

Chocolate bars

Three models based on a single design concept

All the Technostick versions available are designed and built for ease of use.

The Technology behind the equipment always focuses on the needs and requirements of the person who will be using the machine day after day.

All Technostick's movements and components are simple, accessible, and easy to understand.

It is possible to fit the different dispensing and decorating stations to all 3 versions with 4,5, and 10 rows of molds. The production capacity changes depending on the model, but the quality and flexibility remain the same.

Tecnostick's main constructional characteristics are as follows:

Freeze tank made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel
Access platform to tank (in the 5000 and 10,000 versions)
Molds made of special non-corrosive material to guarantee long life and maximum hygiene.
Volumetric dispensers
Higly efficient stick-insertion unit
Sucking device for mold washing
Product extraction from molds with specially designed princers
Thermostatically operated tank for product coating complete with recycling pump
Dry coater designed to ensure complete product coverage
Pencil filler to inject jam or syrup
Flow pack packaging on the finished product

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Automatic - Technostick 5000

Automatic - Technostick 5000

Automatic - Technostick 5000
Automatic - Technostick 5000
Automatic - Technostick 5000
Automatic - Technostick 5000
Automatic - Technostick 5000

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