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Industrial | Technotunnel T800
Technotunnel T800

The Technotunnel is a complete system for the production and packaging of extruded and non-extruded ice-cream (stick, funny face, ball cone, sandwich, miniatures, cakes, logs). The big success of extruded ice-cream all over the world is due to the high quality of the ice cream obtained with such a plant.

The low temperature of the extruded products gives the ice cream a very good structure and an excellent texture.

Technotunnel is a complete, very versatile plant, composed of a working section with the dosing-decorating stations. The product is extruded on plates and carried through the hardening tunnel by the carousel section.

Finally, the hardened product can be picked up, coated with chocolate or sent direct to the wrapping machine. Technotunnel is a complete system which allows one to enlarge production when needed and the type of products required.

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Technotunnel T800

Technotunnel T800

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Technotunnel T800
Technotunnel T800
Technotunnel T800
Technotunnel T800

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