ice cream cone
Industrial | Technosandwich

Hourly production from 2000/6000

Absorption Kw 3

Air intake at 65 bar l/min 50

This is a modern automatic line for the production of rectangular, round, or square wafer sandwich-type ice creams of one or more flavors with a production capacity ranging from 2000 to 6000 pieces per hour.

The equipment consists of a cutting/extrusion unit with an appliance for the application of biscuits and a packaging unit.

Technosandwich is fully automatic and the PLC controls the synchronism of the different units. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and galvanized aluminum.

The packaging unit is fitted with:
Double reel holder
Two sets of stainless steel rollers
Gear reduction unit
Pace converter for mechanical packaging in oil bath
Setting device for use with machine in operation
Hot and cold sealing device
Print registration

All the machine parts which come into contact with the product are approved for use in the food industry.

The machine is supplied with protection devices in compliance with USA and EU regulations.

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