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Artisanal | Mixtronic 60
Mixtronic 60

Capacity: 4-16 Gallons

Heating Modes: 2 Pre-set, 1 Custom

Emulsifier: 2 Speed with Stainless Steel Propeller

Chassis: Pivoting Frame/Body Design

Energy Saving Mode

For the past 50 years, Technogel has manufactured the most advanced, highest quality gelato and ice-cream-production equipment available anywhere. The Mixtronic line is no exception. The Stainless steel, propeller-driven, 2-speed emulsifier blends the mix on the floor of the tank, rather than a pump in a recessed cavity below the floor. This ensures perfect mixing and easy, effective sanitation every time. The microprocessor allows for high temp (185°F), low temp (149°F), and custom temperature mixing. Available in 60 or 110 liters, the Mixtronic line by Technogel is certainly the most advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use mixer available today. All things considered, there is simply no equal.

Mixtronic hot mixers are compact, computer-controlled machines designed to regulate both high temperature mixing at +85°C and low temperature mixing at +65°C with computer-controlled operation, a brand new feature for this type of machine. The desired temperature can be set, and the Mixtronic will then automatically determine the hold-time before freezing starts.

The built-in emulsifier gives the option of automatic or manual operation and guarantees perfect mixing of the ingredients and homogenous distribution of the emulsifiers. The Mixtronic machines have an exclusive opening system whereby the top of the machine tilts to give easy access to the internal components for rapid, simple service operations. Both machines have an optional printer which will record on paper the date, temperature cycles (temperatured reached, time taken), and any disconnection of the power supply.

Incorporated emulsifier with 2-speed motor
Rectangular tank with sloping bottom
Stainless steel heating elements for circulation of glycol
Ergonomic control console
Stainless steel heating elements for circulation of glycol
Thermometric control with electric probe
Partialization of heating/cooling to operate with reduced quantities of mix

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Mixtronic 60

Mixtronic 60

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Mixtronic 60

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