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Artisanal | Mantegel 20
Mantegel 20

Cylinder Capacity: 0.5 - 1.1 Gallons

Hourly Production: 40 - 49 pounds

Compressor Size: 1.5 HP

Solid Stainless Steel Construction Throughout

For the past 50 years, Technogel has manufactured the most advanced, highest quality gelato and ice-cream-production equipment available anywhere. The BF series of batch freezers from Technogel is no exception. Thanks to the advanced microprocessor and waterproof control panel, our batch freezers allow the operator more control over the firmness of the finished product than that of any other machine available today. From the heavy-gauge, welded steel construction to the American-made Copeland scroll-type compressor, we offer quite simply the most rugged, reliable, and efficient batch freezer on the market.

The solid steel, three-blade-beater shaft and the patented scraper-blade-insert design offer the smoothest product and most thorough extraction of any other machine as well. So, if you’re looking for the most advanced, user-friendly batch freezer available, look no further. Technogel has the machine for you.

Average freezing time: 5-7 minutes per batch
Solid welded stainless steel construction throughout, including handles, door, hinges and beater shaft
The Copeland scroll-type compressor is extremely quiet, efficient, reliable, and made proudly in the USA
Patented scraper blades eliminate possible damage to the freezing chamber and can be changed out in under 2 minutes
Control the firmness/texture of finished product more precisely than with any other machine on the market
ON/OFF button comes standard on all models, unlike our main competition, extending the life of the electronic circuitry
Rectangular tank with sloping bottom

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Mantegel 20

Mantegel 20

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Mantegel 20

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