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Industrial | HTST 1200
HTST 1200

Mix Processing Plant Model: HTST 1200

Technogel has realized a wide range of plants for the ice cream mix treatment with HTST pasteurizing (High Temperature Short Time).
The plants are equipped as follows:

2 mixing and preheating (55°C) tanks
1 centrifugal pump with double filter
1 constant level tank
1 centrifugal pump to send the mix into the exchanger
1 pasteurizing heat exchanger plates
1 mix holding tubular section
1 mix deflection valve
1 control panel

1 homogenizer

The mix - processing plants HTST are available with a capacity from 158.5 up to 1320.86 gallons/hour. They are designer guarantee the 71% of the termic recovery as the mix from 55 to 75 pre-heats itself with the same mix which precools itself. 


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HTST 1200

HTST 1200

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HTST 1200
HTST 1200

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